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In Littlewall we work near your business to identify your real needs. Our goal is to provide highly functionality applications adapted to the reality of your business.
Get use of our experience and let us advise you, we will suggest different solutions depending on the needs of your business. Our applications are developed to meet the customer needs, don't pay for a service that you won't need.

We work using our own code, with the support of existing open source applications. This has two advantages: we avoid that you pay for expensive proprietary licenses and this allows us to quickly adapt our applications to work the way that suits you best, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity of your business.

We maximize the advantages offered by web-oriented technology for developing secure, scalable and fast applications, with multiplatform support and without the need of powerful equipment. Also, they are ready to operate at maximum performance in a local network or the Internet if necessary.

  • CRM for internal management of your business.
  • ERP and industrial applications. Stock control and production.
  • Support for touch devices such as POS or PDA.
  • Generate reports and statistics to measure the user.
  • Security and access control.
  • Remote connection improvement.